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Earning money your way. Working flexibly has never been easier.

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Join the gimmenow network of on-demand shoppers and couriers. If you like to walk, ride a bicycle, ride a motorbike or drive a car, you can earn money flexibly, whenever you want.


A shopper is a graceful being, who loves shopping. Shoppers can be found clutching their mobiles, waiting for an order to fulfil. When an order is received, they will leap to the store and meticulously pick the items off the shelves, take them to the checkout and hand over to our couriers.


A courier is known to be precise in navigational skills. Couriers can be seen sitting at the edge of their seats waiting for that sound that will announce that an order is ready for collection and delivery. When it’s their turn to hold the baton, they will swiftly make their way with the order to the destination.

shopper & courier

Of course being both a shopper and courier will be the most rewarding. It means that you are both graceful and have an apt for navigation but also possess some awesome superpowers! Not forgetting the reward; shoppers & couriers will benefit from bonus payments for being the multitasker.

gimmenow shopper & courier benefits

Any day

When shops are open, we’re open too, choose when you want to work


Clock-on when you want to start earning and clock-off whenever you want


Choose to be anywhere we have services available and we’ll get you a gig


We have a variety of things to pick and deliver, don’t need to wait for mealtimes to get a gig


You can choose whether you want to be a shopper or a courier, or both  


Get around as you wish – walk, ride, drive – just make sure you are qualified to use your form of transport

easy, simple and rewarding

We aim to make the process of getting started very easy. Our app will be your guide to being the ultimate shopper and courier. Here is why you should let us know if you want to be a part of our extended family.

Your Way

Choose when, where and how you want to work. You have the freedom to choose, we will do our best to help you earn an honest wage.

Fair Pay

gimmenow believes in fair compensation for all our staff and contractors. We will always be transparent and clear in what you will be paid upfront.

Don’t Delay

Be on our waitlist by registering your interest in being a part of our network of shoppers and couriers, and be the first in line when we’re ready to go.