gimmenow for retailers

Don’t keep your customers waiting. Sell and deliver directly from your store in under 2 hours.

New Sales Channel

gimmenow is a new online sales channel that lets you deliver products faster than ever before.

Boost Revenue

Boost your store’s sales by connecting customers to your products directly through gimmenow’s marketplace app. 

The Complete Service

Our shoppers and couriers collects orders directly from your store and deliver to your customers in under 2 hours.

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easy, simple and most importantly, fast.

Every business knows: the most important sale is the sale you didn’t have before. A new channel, a new customer, a new market to tap into. But as you know: new sales are the hardest to capture. They require the most effort and the biggest investment.

Well, not anymore.

Plug ‘n’ Play

gimmenow provides rapid fulfilment without the overheads. Easily integrate with existing systems for real-time inventory management or use our app to easily manage your products.

Flexible Payments and Low Fees

Choose the frequency of payments for purchases made through gimmenow. All successful transactions charged at a standard low referral rate.

Full Service

gimmenow handles the entire transaction, from point of sale, human resources, coordination, tech stack, inventory management and customer service. 

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