GimmeNow was created in 2020 to solve the common problem with online shopping – the snail mail delivery part. 

It takes only a few clicks to purchase online, yet the time it takes to receive the order is far from comparable to the buying process. It would be faster to drive to the nearest store and purchase what you need, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. For all the times you can’t leave home or the office, but you need it right now, then there’s GimmeNow.

Challenge accepted

GimmeNow offers shopping convenience right here, right now. Order online and receive what you need without the hassle, immediately. Waiting days or weeks is a thing of the past.

The Problem

Major Latency

Buying online is quick and easy, but receiving your order can take days or even weeks.

High Cost

Existing traditional express parcel delivery services incur high costs to customers and still fails to provide the instant-gratification factor.

Fulfilment Delays

Increased demand for online shopping has highlighted a weakness in order fulfilment from the warehouse through to parcel services, leading to delivery delays.

Our Solution

Our Mission

GimmeNow is on a mission to transform the speed in which customers receive their online retail purchase. We aim to bring a customer’s order direct from a store to their door as fast as possible, in less than two hours.

By revolutionising retail delivery capabilities, GimmeNow will redefine the online consumer experience.

We do this by empowering Australian retailers to bridge the gap between their eCommerce and traditional shopfront with a new channel to reach customers and in turn, generate new ways for people to work and live.

Our Culture

Our goal is to cultivate a culture of quality, responsibility, teamwork and collaboration. We aim to deliver quality products and services with our customers in mind. We encourage individuals to take responsibility and full accountability for their tasks and actions, whilst at the same time ensuring we work together and collaborate as a team to achieve our goals.

Our Values


for our peers, colleagues and customers. We understand and appreciate differences by continually learning from diverse ways of thinking.


is key in empowering our culture. Our ability to collaborate as a team requires understanding, compassion and just being human.


is our goal for providing equal opportunity for people of all race, gender and personal circumstance.


is the encouragement to think outside the box, allowing imaginations to run wild and create new ways of thinking. By engaging in continuous learning, we gain knowledge to better ourselves and each other and in turn, take all that is possible and design its reality.