We are…

GimmeNow, founded in 2020, to solve the ubiquitous problem with online shopping – the snail mail delivery part.

It takes only a few clicks to purchase online, yet, to receive the order to your home is far from comparable to the buying process. It would be faster to drive to the nearest shops and purchase it. But at times it isn’t possible to leave home or the office at any given moment and there are things you just need right now.

Challenge accepted…

The problem

Major Latency

It takes only a few clicks to purchase online, yet, to receive the order to your home could take days or even weeks

High Cost

Existing traditional express parcel delivery services incur high cost to individuals and still does not provide the instant-gratification factor.

Fulfilment Delays

Recent shift to online highlights weaknesses in retail online order fulfilment from warehouse through to parcel services leading to delays.

Our solution

Immediate On-Demand Delivery

Immediate processing of orders delivered to the home in less than 2 hours* by our on-demand couriers

Low Fees

Low fees for express delivery as compared to traditional express parcel delivery

Express Order Fulfilment

Utilising physical stores as warehouse, fulfilled by our on-demand proxy-shoppers

Our mission

Our mission is to define the future of shopping, right now, by bringing shopping convenience from the tip of your fingers, right to your door. We aim to empower individuals and businesses to bridge the gap between traditional retail and modern eCommerce through the power of choice, outreach and speed of delivery whilst supporting local communities with income opportunities in the new normal.

Our culture

The culture we aim to cultivate is one of quality, responsibility, teamwork and collaboration. We aim to deliver quality products and services with our customers in mind. It is up to the individual to take responsibility and full accountability for their tasks and actions, whilst at the same time ensuring that we work together and collaborate as a team to achieve our goals.

Our values

Our core values that underpin our culture are Respect, Empathy, Diversity and Curiosity.


for peers, colleagues, leadership and customers; accepting differences and continuously learning from various ways of thinking.


is key in enabling our culture, being able to collaborate as a team requires understanding and compassion, and just being human.


is our goal, providing equal opportunity for people of all race, gender and personal circumstance.


is the encouragement to think outside the box, imagine possibilities and turn them into possibilities. Engage in continuous learning and gain new knowledge to better ourselves and each other.